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Work with Learn Better to implement the following workshops in your company setting.

Stages of Community and Verbal Skills 

 This is the number one most requested workshop at Learn Better.  This transformative workshop explores the four different stages of community, along with specific verbal skills to use in each phase.  Employees leave empowered with skills they can use everyday.

Using Creativity to Solve Problems 

We often ask employees to be creative but rarely teach them how to be creative.  This workshop walks through four different creativity processes that can used to solve real world problems or create innovative ideas.

Find Your Flow, Increase Your Productivity

This workshop explores the conditions that need to be present in order for your brain to enter into a state of flow, which allows your productivity to increase by over 200%.  Let’s find our flow!

Improve as a workplace trainer by attending the following Learn Better workshops:

Content Creation Process

Aligning content to learning goals is the critical first step in creating an impactful training. This workshop teaches the Content Organization and Learning Outcome process that employees can use every time they build a training.

Neuroscience Principles of Learning 

This workshop teaches employees how to put content into the engaging training framework, that is built using the principles of neuroscience to ensure that those who attend the training walk away with skill and knowledge growth.

Training Facilitation and Delivery Skills

Employees will explore and practice a wide variety of delivery and facilitation techniques including: vocal techniques, questioning techniques, feedback, and physical gestures.

Ready, Set, Pivot

This workshop explores different strategies that employees can use to handle common training challenges.  This workshop will prepare employees to  be able to pivot during their trainings to meet the learning needs of their participants.

Creating Psychological Safety During Trainings 

Learn how to create an environment where employees feel safe trying new things, making mistakes, thinking critically, and engaging in learning activities.

Using Metacognition as a Training Tool

Metacognition questions help training participants consider how they process the information they are learning.  This workshop provides employees an opportunity to develop and practice metacognition questions that they can use in any training.

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