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Elevating Current Training Programs

You have worked hard to create a training program.  We are excited to help you elevate and improve your existing training program.  We work with business to identify key growth opportunities, goals within those opportunities, and a step by step plan to improve existing training programs.

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Creating Training Programs From Scratch 

Building a training program from scratch is an exciting opportunity.  We will work with your business to identify your vision, goals, and dreams for an engaging exciting training program.  We then will create a system to build out the key components to a vibrant training program and a plan to maintain and grow that program to continuously meet business needs.

Training and Continuous Learning 

Engaging, empowering, and ongoing training is the foundation to any thriving business, yet is challenging to develop all training needs.  Learn Better works with companies to develop the following:

  • Role Based Training

  • All Company Trainings

  • Train the Trainer 

  • Continuous Learning 

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Collaborative Learning Events 

Learn Better curates a custom learning solution for your company during the following types of events:

  • All Company Meetings

  • Sales/Department Summits 

  • Quarterly Meetings

  • Team Meetings

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How do you want your new employees to feel when the enter into your company? How do yo create a powerful learning experience where employees feel inspired and empowered to do excellent work in their new role?  

Onboarding is a critical component to company growth and success as it sets the tone for how employees enter into a new company.  Learn Better works with companies to curate impactful onboarding as well as a process for creating continued onboarding as your company grows and develops.  

Turn your imagination of what incredible onboarding could look like into a reality with Learn Better. 

Tyler Olson, Senior Program Manager, Global Strategic R&D

"Utilizing the Learn Better process was a very engaging and pleasant experience for me and my team. It helped us focus on key learner outcomes by actively collaborating in during a live session where we utilized tools that we typically have not used. Working with Sarah was very enjoyable, refreshing, and productive. I cannot wait to collaborate with Sarah on the development of our training program."

Adriana Armstrong, Business Owner 

"Creatively systematic, easily digestible, and practically applicable, Learn Better's neuroscience integration performs engagingly and interactively, that imprints an experience. I came away with practical tools and a system to use as I design my business and the content I want to create and share. The program is invaluable, and the system's construction makes it simple to retain, produce, and replicate."

Alexis Alvarez, Senior Program Manager, Medical Device Company

“Learn Better has helped our learning & development team accelerate our ability to provide meaningful content to enhance learning experiences across our organization. The Learn Better framework has provided structure and streamlined our training content development process to ensure we effectively achieve the learning objectives.”
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